Fishing nets

Another mobile phone shot. When the light is good cellular phone cameras are also good if your camera is not with you. At least works for website photographs.
Some fishnets were covered with fabric to protect from UV I guess  :))

Yellow hibiscus flower

Close up photo of a yellow hibiscus flower, a beautiful flower for gardeners, landscaping architects.

White hibiscus flower

A white beautiful flower. Red and yellow hibiscus flower photos will follow as every summer.

Beach, tree, wooden bench

A beautiful beach and a point to sit and watch the view. Tree and wooden bench is a good combination.

Camera extender

While surfing the net I came across a website of a camera extender.
Nice gadget for the summer holiday. So you will be in the photo also. :)
OK, you may say you can place the camera on a stone and run by using the selftimer or use a tripod or monopod or etc.
But still I found it practical.
Easy to carry.
Can be used while travelling in a train, car or fishing in a kayak to take the photo from outside (be careful)
Pocket one extends up to about 77 cm (30,5 ")
For details check the website:

A playground in the woods

A playground in the woods. Again plastic. I prefer the ones made of wood. It should be better especially in the woods.

Garden pond

I liked the view of the pond in spring with flowers around. Also it is hard to see but there were turtles around and in the pond. I also liked the old style marble fountain.
Ok I am lazy to carry my camera and this is again a mobile phone shot.

How to replace the lithium battery of Nikon L35 ad2

I received a comment asking how to change the databack battery of Nikon L35 AD2 camera. Comment was placed on my post about this camera by Louis Row care.
Here is the answer by pictures. I took the photographs and tried to explain below.

-Push the lock release to open the battery chamber lid.
-Remove used battery
-insert new battery
-push lid down until it snaps closed
Battery type is CR 2025 lithium battery.
Hope it helps

Another vintage flash gun

I think most of young people do not know these type of flash guns.
I found this in my archive.
Just wanted to add to my blog.
This is a German made Tickytest flash gun with foldable reflectors.
It uses flash bulb like the other Voigtlander flash in one of my previous posts.
But the bulb should be PF1 or something type.
I even forgot how to use
Just for files.

sea and the rocks

My camera was not with me again :)
I liked the simple view of the sea and took the photo with a mobile phone camera.

DIY Tabletop Studio Photography done with mirrors

I liked the ideas and wanted to share in myblog.
He is doing great with a few mirror pieces, sticks, reflectors and etc. Using one light only.
A nice do it yourself type table top photography studio.


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